Chrome overtakes Firefox and closing in on Internet Explorer

The latest browser war verdicts are in. #Chrome (by #Google) (25.69%) overtakes #Firefox (25.23%) and closing in on Internet Explorer (40.63%) in November 2011, according to gs.statcounter.

This brings back some fond memories, when my once beloved Netscape Navigator fell from heaven to hell in just a few years by Y2K, and I reluctantly started tailoring websites for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (even though they did not comply with web standards and were full of holes, at least back then). Not sure if I should be glad or what, but history does repeat itself, and this time around, we witness IE’s market share shrinking noticeably (from 48.16% a year ago) while Chrome almost doubles up (from 13.35%) and Firefox losing its fire (fell from 31.17%).

But unlike 10 years ago, most browsers these days (or at least their up-to-date versions, unless you are still using IE6) are relatively standards-compliant, and web designers know very well how to make their products cross-browser safe and compatible.