How I Sold My Grandfather

A few years ago, I picked up IRONROAD.COM (after bidding more than US$300). I decided to use it for my flagship project, because it’s a transliteration of RAILROAD in Chinese; and we all know that our grandfathers actually travelled from China and helped build the Canadian Pacific Railway here back in the 19th century. So to me, “iron road” carries not only that connotation of a reliable network but also part of my heritage (so to speak).

Anyway, fast forward to less than 12 months later, the only Swedish entity I know (other than IKEA) came forward (albeit anonymously at first) and made an irresistible offer (of US$3,000, or an ROI of some 900%) to buy out this domain name, apparently for their mobile technology company (originally hosted at IRONROAD.SE). And I sold my grandfather, just like that.