Thanks, Chicken.

Working to get back. Those were the last words I heard from Chicken (Aaron Shapiro) himself, but that was March 2012. Next thing I knew, was let expired, AGAIN. Lucky enough, I managed to pick it up in the aftermarket, after fending off quite a few bidders as usual.

But instead of wiping out everything Chicken did over the last 10 years (along with fellow moderators like Navin Rizwi, Allan Liska and Mark Blair at different points along the way), I decided to honour Aaron who so kindly invited me to help moderate HostHideout back in 2003, and brought me 10 years of unforgettable learning experience. If you ask me, Chicken will always remain the founder of HostHideout, and to whom I am truly indebted. And it is in this context that I humbly call myself co-founder (and not re-founder or owner). Thank you, Aaron.