Transit City is over

For those who still don’t get it (politicians in particular, like when Sarah Thomson talked about her “Bike City” as if it was something remotely relevant), Toronto is REALLY fed up (AND the people have already spoken, when they elected Rob Ford on October 25).

To be fair, Transit City would be a visionary concept, IF we were living in the 1950s, or for less crowded places like Nice (pronounced as “niece”) or Lucerne. But the cold, hard truth is that, Toronto is home to more than 2.5 MILLION people, and it would be unrealistic to rely on some retro-futuristic street cars to move them around.

Yes, there are budgetary constraints; but instead of writing off any subway expansion as expensive, perhaps we should also look beyond Yonge and Dundas, and learn from other world-class cities like Shanghai and Delhi, especially when it comes to project financing.

And no, it’s not even about politics.